Equipment How To and FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Where can I find easy to download, step by step instructions and troubleshooting guides for all of your rental equipment?

AScroll to the bottom of this page, choose the equipment that you rented or want to rent, and you will have the .PDF!

Q – Who do I call if I’m still having trouble with my equipment?

A – Call BrewChatter at 775.358.0477 and the Brew Ninja who answers will be able to help you.

Q – What are BrewRental Pick Up and Drop Off times for Jockey Boxes, Presses and Crushers?

AYou can pick up your rented equipment any time after 2 pm on the day you booked it. You must have it back by 12 pm the following day, or the day it’s due back.

Q – Where can I find the Rental Agreement for the equipment that I am renting so that I can have it all filled out and ready to go when I pick up my rental?

A – At the bottom of this page, you can download the rental agreement for the piece of equipment that you are renting.

Q – What is the Hassle Free Cleaning Option?

A – Hassle Free Cleaning is an option that you can choose when you book your equipment that allows you to simply use the equipment and bring it back when you’re done, and we’ll handle all of the cleaning. Simply use the equipment and bring it back when you’re done, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Q – What happens if I return the equipment dirty and I did not pay for Hassle Free Cleaning?

A – If the equipment is returned dirty, and you did not order Hassle Free Cleaning, then you will be charged a $25.00 cleaning fee.

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