Covid 19 Update

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Here at BrewRentals, our sole purpose is to provide you the best rental equipment in the safest way possible. Please read our COVID-19 Rental Policy to ensure the maximum level of safety when you’re renting your favorite equipment!

Oktober Can Seamer Rental

Currently Unavailable until more cans come in.

Canning your beer is probably the coolest thing ever, but we’d like to make sure that everyone is safe during your rental. Since canning is an In-Store Only rental, please follow all policies and procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Proper Procedures for Renters of the Canning Machine

-Renter of the canning machine is responsible for wearing a mask during the entire process and encouraged to wear gloves as well

-All CDC Social Distancing Guidelines must be observed between employees, renters, and anyone who is not living together at all times

-All CDC Handwashing and sanitization procedures must be observed at all times

-Bathroom use will be limited to one person at a time

-All customers must follow our In-Store Guidelines at all times

Proper Procedures for Employees / Brew Ninjas During Canning Machine Use

-Employees with be wearing a mask during the entire process of the canning machine

-Employees will strictly adhere to all CDC Social Distancing Guidelines

-Canning machine will be clean, sanitized and prepared for safe use when you arrive

Off Premise Rental Equipment

All Off Premise Rentals, such as Keg Couplers, Jockey Boxes, Crushers and Destemmers, and Presses are still available when they are not currently being rented by another customer. Please read and follow our drop off and pick up policies below to ensure that all possible safety measures are being taken.

Proper Procedures for Renters

-All equipment will be cleaned and sanitized when you are ready to pick it up

-All customers must wear masks when picking up their equipment

-All customers must maintain CDC Social Distancing Guidelines when picking up their equipment. If the equipment is heavy and you need help loading it, please either bring a safe person to help you, or allow the staff to load it for you while following proper Social Distancing Procedures

-All customers must follow our In-Store Guidelines for safety.

Employee Procedures for Ensuring Your Safety

-All rental equipment will be sanitized both before and after any and every rental

-All employees will wear masks at all times

-All employees will follow CDC Social Distancing Guidelines at all times